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Don't be fooled. This journal is not about me at all.
I am attempting to write a book series.
Katelyn is the main character. The series is written from her perspective.
She keeps a journal.
This journal is her journal.
I have no idea if anyone will even be interested in this kind of concept.

But here it is, the journal of Katelyn.

I considered doing a big blurb to describe her... But I don't want to give everything away too soon.


Hello self quarantine people!

Hi there. I'm back on LJ after being off of it for almost a decade.
I'm 42 a female in the PNW
I'm a writer/poet into...
Mental health awareness
Dealing with Chronic illnesses
Love alternative /indie rock especially from the 90s
Podcasts, movies, audiobooks, surreal art, and I just got into video games.
I'm engaged, kind, sensitive, silly, yet dark and kinda sad. I'm not neurotypical. I'm just looking for some friends to have as, support during this apocalypse. Add me?
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Looking for...

Name: Samantha Joe

Age: 44 (45 in July)

Basically I'm looking for anyone who will take me and is not an axemurderer... (joke!) I do have diarrhea of the word, so be warned. There is more info on my sticky post... I'm addicted to Pokemon, BTS, Supernatural, TWD, and much more. 

If you are interested, please do add me. I don't bite ... hard. ^^


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Добавляйтесь в друзья, взаимность гарантирована!

Здравствуйте! Интересуюсь психологией, детским развитием, саморазвитием, здоровым образом жизни, естественным родительством, вегетарианством, экологией. Публикую в своём блоге материалы на эти темы. Буду рада обрести единомышленников для приятного и взаимополезного общения!
Добавляйтесь в друзья, взаимность гарантирована:)
ocean girl

Starting over again on LJ

This is basically my intro post/about me at my blog .. but hoping to find friends again.


The name is Leslie. I'm a 30-something-ish wannabe blogger from California, currently living in the sunny state of Florida. I am a wife, a mom, an assistant manager of a store & a pretty big nerd. I am currently obsessed with Disney (passholder here!), Halloween Horror Nights, theater, running, sleeping, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, sushi & the pescatarian life. (That means I only eat fish for meat, though I'll splurge on a steak occasionally...)  I call myself a new-agey, hippie-like, pastel gothy, liberal/left Christian who has a hard time fitting in places. I do paranormal investigation, sing in choir, do plays, train for my first 5k (at DISNEY!) & generally try to make money to help my family survive & be able to do fun things. I am body positive, I've lost 40lbs, I take natural stuff to help with chronic pain & I am really into pastel pink, rose gold & that pretty light mint. I basically live on Diet Coke which is bad. I am kind of a lonely person, have maybe 3 really good friends & that's okay.

I'm currently under construction..

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• Seeking Pals •

Howdy. I'm Kristy, 45 & resides in Sin City. I'm a youthful feeling lady that is ever growing stronger due to some traumatic events. I do tend to write about some forms of issues I deal with due to the traumas I lived throu. I also love writing about my dating & sexual escapades. I'm currently involved in a hookup situation with one heck of a hot man. I like writing about him at times, including some negative things about him but I'm quite happy being single! I'm a known cat mama & post things related to cats in general & about my 2 furbabies. I'm interested in like minded & open minded individuals for friendships & interactions. I also have many likes & dislikes posted on my profile. Feel free to read it. 🙂

I look forward to meeting new & carefree friends!
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What is a weekend?

I recently returned to LiveJournal-land after a period of absence due to getting re-assimilated to life in the US, life after college... life in general, lol. I'm a 30 year old INFJ, a planner, a fan of Disney, an introvert with extrovert qualities, a traveler, a wife, a writer and a mother most recently. I'm currently obsessed with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Frozen fanfiction, writing the first draft of a novel before November and becoming a real estate agent. I like trying to get seven hours of sleep, British comedies /mysteries/dramas, taking too many pictures of my daughter and telling my husband cringe-worthy jokes. My husband's in law enforcement, my mother's a hoarder and both my parents are total narcissists, so sometimes I rant/vent in my entries.

I will make a concerted effort to comment on your entries because I want to make some actual friendships on here again. I started using LJ back in the early 2000s and have so many fond memories of people I met through here.

Feel free to add me, just send me a quick message to let me know if/why you do. Thanks!


I'm not even learning French — I'm learning another language — three, actually. It's going just about as well as you'd expect. My name is Victoria or something like that and I'm an adult. I'm over 21 but below 25. I'm currently working on losing a lot of weight — 60-70 lbs. So, I'll be posting about that a bit.

But overall, my journal will be my personal venting space. There are a number romantic (?) events going on in my life right now and just generally complicated things that I have a need for an outlet for. I'm fairly secretive and a recovering compulsive liar. I suppose this is an effort to change how secretive I am while not yelling my secrets off the rooftops.

I have something of an online stalker so I prefer not to speak too much in-depth about myself publicly. Entries, of course, will be friends only. Let me know if you want to take a peek into each others lives by commenting here first.



(Slightly) new journal, new start, new friends? Hopefully? I'm Pixel or Pix, which ever you prefer, I'm 28, going on 29 in about 9 days. I can hardly believe it. I work at a warehouse so 12 hour shifts for 3 days straight has become my thing. But in my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend, drawing, graphic and web design, writing and organizing (strange hobby but it's true). I have a very creative mind so it's always on and about with ideas for what to create next. I may indulge in photography. I enjoyed it before but other hobbies took place of it.

I also enjoy some fandoms. Dragon Ball (all anime), Naruto, Boruto, SVU, Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Sailor Moon and working my way into Fallout — starting with 3. I'll always love and enjoy NCIS original and LA and all Star Trek series (yes Enterprise too, I did enjoy it) but they aren't active fandoms of mine. My fandom list is not huge but I do enjoy trying new anime or games out. But i do put emphasis on Pokemon. I've been a Pokenerd since I was 10 and I actively play PokemonGo and collect the cards across all tcg series! Brownie points if you love Pokemon too.

So my posts.. they tend to range anywhere from creative posts (like what I make, ideas of what to create), daily life ramblings, photos of daily life stuff, articles I find interesting, some fandom posts and what not. I don't have many posts on this one but I've been on elljay for years.

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Hoping for fresh faces

Hi everyone! I'd like to add friends who are active & like interacting & getting to know your friends list. :)

About Me:

- I'm a blonde bubbly 45 y/o who's finally getting out of her comfort zone & exploring/traveling the city & going to music shows, especially rock n roll!

- I love cats & have 2 boys, whom I love.

- I enjoy photography, music of almost every kind, traveling, outdoor activites, surfing the web, reading on my Kindle & many other hobbies. Harely Davidson cycles & hot rod/muscle cars with a hot man on/in them make me drool!

- I'm single though since April 2018, I've been sexually involved with a hot man. I sometimes write about our escapades but not the personal sexual stuff, of course. 👅

- I'm a cat volunteer at a local animal shelter. I do this about 3 times a week.

- I've taken on a temporary cashier position at a C-store to help pay bills & aquire my Driver License, a feat I feel will give me a lot more freedom to travel the U.S.A.

- I reside in Sin City, baby! Vegas Strong!

- I suffer from a few forms of mental illnesses, though I rarely write about it.

- I post various photos in my journal. Especially of my cats & random selfies & weight loss transition.

- TV shows I enjoy are The Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Old Skool Scooby Doo & Forensic Files to name a few.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to read my profile!

Hope to make your acquaintance. :D